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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Cafe of sculptures in Caerleon

A cafe garden in Caerleon

This is a regular cafe stop when we are out cycling.

Try this site for some web cam views


  1. What a fascinating area you live in. I would love to visit there some day. Just to walk the streets and soak up the history. These sculptures are just wonderful. You are a lucky man, Dave.

  2. Oh Dave, these are wonderful to see. Bill from Delta, CO was earlier posting sculptures carved from trees (you can find him on my sidebar) which were very nice but these are the loveliest I've seen.

    And to answer your question about the landscaping at the Clinton Presidential Library, it is fairly new, about three years or so. But the reason the grass is still brown is because of the variety. You'll notice in my photo that there is a nearby field with green grass in it. One is winter grass and the other, the grass around the library, is summer grass, that can take the extreme sun and heat in Arkansas. It'll be greening up in the next couple of months.

  3. Nice carving on that tree. And wonderful pictures.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, you are always welcome.

  4. These sculptures are beautiful. Its so quirky to see them with modern things like plastic chairs and a media rack around them. I agree with Jackie, you live in a interesting area.

  5. How wonderful these are. I can imagine sitting there, just listening to the man in the tree...

    You're a lucky man, Dave!


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