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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Old Cardiff

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Hidden away in an office area, this street was restored as part of the redevelopment programme.


  1. It looks just like I would imagine it should.

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, Dave.

  2. Yes thanks Annie. Its beautiful spring weather here. Going for a cycle ride tomorow so looking forward to that. Hope yours is a good weekend too.

  3. How lovely to see the true history of a place maintained. Love the photos in your last post too.

  4. I just love older style buidings, glad to know that this part of town didn't go to ruins. It is important that we must keep a part of our ancesters history going regardless what country one lives in.

  5. Hi Anita good to hear from you, yes I think its nice to keep bits of the past so that we remember what its was like.

  6. Your comment on my blog today, about Get Outside and Play Day, leads me to ask if youth in Wales tend to stay indoors on computers nowadays?

  7. Annie, I think the youth in the western world are probably very similar in that genaerally the main form of entertainment is technology, either the computer or TV. Also we are in the era where their parents received their entertainment the same way, so its being perpetuated.
    Although now that the weather is getting better its good to see some families and children spending time in the parks.
    Hopefully the lifestyle education information is getting through, and people will take advantage of global warming and get out and exercise more.

    You can't beat a day out in the countryside with fresh air. That's why I love cycling and walking. I get cabin fever even after a few hours indoors.


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