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Monday, May 07, 2007


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One of my favourite birds. This was taken on Skomer Island.


  1. How cute is that little guy? He doesn't even look real.. like it should be on the shelf at the toy store.
    You take great pixs Dave.

  2. What a charming little bird that is. You were in the presence of one of life's mysteries (and so was the puffin).

    If I can figure out how to drive across the sea I will come by in the little Triumph convertible to take you for a ride.

  3. Skomer looks like a really interesting place. I'm working on my confidence to drive further afield, so may be one day I'll be able to take myself there!

    That puffin does look like a little toy. Great pic.

  4. These birds are beautiful. I like them too. Your photograph is really a nice one.

    I got to fly last night. I mean I just dove in and flew. You can find out how on my blog post today.

  5. ...is it real? 0.o

    it's so cute ^^

  6. Oh yes he is real.

    Skomer is a fantastic place and best visited about this time of year if you want to enjoy the best of the birdlife.

    There are so many puffins on the island that taking a bad shot is harder than getting a good one.

    Didn't James Bond have a car that went in and under the sea?

  7. What amazing bluebells on Skomer Island, Dave. And the puffin doesn't even look real, he's really cute!

  8. I'm showing my cultural ignorance by saying I haven't seen all the James Bond movies and I don't remember such a car (but it does stand to reason that he would have one such).

  9. Wow...it doesn't look real...cool picture..



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