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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tenby harbour

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Tenby is probably the major holiday resort in West Wales.
I have many fond memories of it, as quite a few friends and I worked here, in the hotels, during our school holidays.
The houses alongside the harbour are in the Nash style of architecture and are a big feature of the town.


  1. Intersting picture...are the buildings really pastel colors?

  2. I like the buildings in the background, they look like little doll's houses. I'd have to ask my Mum, but I'm sure have been to Tenby as a young child.
    I have family in Wales, they live in Cowbridge, which is also a really lovely place.

  3. Tenby . . . I'll have to remember that town. And when I'm there I'll think of you as a youngster, working in a hotel, maybe even the one I'll be staying in.


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