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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

An Autumn walk

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The weather is really mild, 17C today, and sunny with it. Just the weather for a walk.
These were taken on the way up to the Sugar Loaf.


  1. Hello again,

    you inspired me to take some autumn pics of my own for my new post. (shameful advertising there, hehe)

    The weather has been amazing and I've had some excellent walks with the dog. However, she gets inpatient when I stop to take photo's and barks at me to make me hurry up and throw the ball for her.

    Take care :0)

  2. I love those rolling hills. That does look like the perfect place for walking and it's so beautiful. You are lucky!

  3. Yes, that looks like a lovely place to walk. Would like to join you Dave on that walk, you are an interesting fella!

  4. Ummmm, there seems to be Sugar Loaf Mountains all over the world. It does look like a good walking mountain, not too high and not too brushy.

    The blue ball in my post yesterday keeps me from wanting to eat too much when I reflect on how I'd feel if I were so round and full and tight!

  5. That's so beautiful, I'd like to take a walk there. The weather has stayed so unseasonably warm we don't have pretty leaves this year. Such a pity.

  6. 17 C!...we've had very cold, frosty mornings, with a bit of Sun peeking through the clouds. Storm warning up for tonight, however...and we'll probably get some snow.

    What a perfect place to go walking! The colours are so muted...they remind me of a tweed jacket! Just lovely.

  7. Our temperature here was about the same as yours. And I went for a lovely walk as well. It was perfect.


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