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Friday, November 16, 2007

On such a winters day

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All the leaves are brown

And the sky is grey

I've been for a walk

On a winters day

I'd be safe and warm

If I was in L A

California dreamin.

Mamas & Papas
Will you be singing the song all weekend? Have a good one.


  1. Oh yes Dave, I'm a singing that tune, for I will be spending Thanksgiving in LA, and no doubt, we will eat outside in the Sunshine...!!

    Loved your pictures and thanks for the song.

  2. We have snow flurries for the first time today.... I didn't even know it was in our forcast.

    I have a leaf shot similar to the one you've posted... I don't think I've posted it.... but I do love those leaves!

  3. But your sky is not grey, it's pink!

  4. Spectacular photos and perfect for an almost-winter day! I love the one with the leaf and the frost. That is so pretty! Have a good weekend.

  5. Beautiful photos Dave! Winter is sneaking in fast here too on the west coast in Canada.

  6. Thanks for the song, DaveM. But it's not quite that wintry here yet so instead I will sing:

    The falling leaves drift by the window
    The autumn leaves of red and gold
    I see your lips, the summer kisses
    The sun-burned hands I used to hold

    Since you went away the days grow long
    And soon I'll hear old winters song
    But I miss you most of all my darling
    When autumn leaves start to fall.

  7. Hi DaveM,

    Thanks for the info on other ways to measure for fitness. It seems I'm in the okay range for waist to hip ratio as well. Whew.

  8. have you tried adding a music bar as in Radio Blog Club

  9. I love the weather when it is crisp and cold. It makes walking the dog so enjoyable.

    Although today, the meadown was flooded and that was also SO much fun, being able to splash about in wellies.

    Love your pics as usual.

  10. Ahhh...that song so often comes to mind...one of my favourites. Guess I'll be singing it all day!

    Brilliant photos, Dave...your photography is so good! You certainly are very talented, with a great eye!

  11. Ok...could you stop humming it now please...I cant seem to shift the damn thing myself now.


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