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Monday, March 10, 2008

Cardiff Bay Barrage

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High spring tides together with winds are forecast to cause storm surges for this week, so lets hope the barrage keeps everything behind it calm.


  1. It looks so peaceful right now...

  2. The ocean is a living thing and must makes its rounds, coming and going, sometimes angry and sometimes peaceful. I hope she's a gentle-enough visitor.

  3. I hope the storm isn't too bad. It sounds like the winds will be fierce. (I love your bonsai tree by the way. I can see the buds on it. You must have a green thumb!)

  4. The photos are wonderful, and do look so calm ~~ hope it's not too bad~~

  5. The calm before the storm makes this look very peaceful...Hope you and your family will be safe enough away from the storm surge.

  6. Very good your blog, him I found from current post the lady Wanda.
    Marvellous and very clean your photographs, excellent the comments!
    I will return again!

  7. I'm catching up once again, I thought of you when the news came on about the storm. Hope things were ok for you and your family.

    The power of these Storms are becoming more severe, it seems.


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