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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Penarth Pier head.

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I am never quite sure if I like the roof colour, what about you?


  1. I think I do like the color of the roof. It fits with the rest of the building. On a sunny day it would blend in with the blue sky!

  2. Ah, now I see why you were tangled up in blue when you saw my vine photo. Blue was on your mind. I like the blue roof. I like color. I'd like to paint my house with colorful scenes but I guess I'd drop the resale value if I did. Dang.

  3. Was a little sick last night, and feeling a little blue ~~ so today, I like the roofs.

    Missed you while I was gone.

  4. Oh, Bob Dylan, of course. How did I miss that? I was fixated on the blue roofs. Yes, I like his music very much.

  5. The color is quite nice but not sure if suitable for a roof - definitely stands out though.

  6. Brings back memories. We were staying in Swansea - came to Penarth for a trip on the Waverley. Had a lovely sail but it was late getting back and I couldn't get a mobile signal until we got ashore again. We phoned the landlady to say we'd be late back for dinner - she wasn't best pleased but we'd had a lovely time.

  7. I love the roof color! Cheery and different.


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