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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Devon coast to coast ride

Above is a fine view of the tanks alongside the Tavey estuary outside of Plymouth.
Nice Valerium though.

The river Taw

North Devon coastline.

The Taw estuary outside Barnstaple.

These are the last photos of this ride, at the moment I'm looking forward to the next ride which is on the 21st June for a week. Cycling the Reivers route from Newcastle and then the C2C back.


  1. That must have been an amazing ride! Your photos are just gorgeous. I loved seeing the Taw. (I've never heard of that river before.) We'll look forward to seeing the photos you take on your next excursion!

  2. I love Valerian. It grows here in the Cariboo as well as it did on the Coast. Its exuberance is held back a little here, I think, as compared to what it could do on the Coast.

  3. What a great trip ~~ beautiful pictures, and you must be in the best of shape riding these road trips. I take my hat off to you ~~~ Go Davem!!!

  4. That does sound a bit frusterating if your only allowed just two bikes at a time on a train..Sounded like you had another wonderful time with your bike tour again and these pictures are very pretty too.

  5. Cycling is such a beautiful way to see the country - and what gorgeous country it is. I think after that long a bike ride I'd like to be on one of those sailboats to relax. Awesome photos Dave.

  6. loved the river Taw's picture


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