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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Some more pictures from the trip.

Crossing the Pennines
Northumberland Moors

Keilder Water

The Lake DistrictThe End [ 350 miles later ]


  1. I'd be lallygagging behind immersed in that beautiful scenery! Awesome photos Dave!

  2. If your pictures are any indication of your life...it's a good one!!

    I so enjoy touring with you...in fact, I think I'm going to get my bike out of the garage...

    You inspire me.

  3. Wow!! Those photos are gorgeous!! You must have had the most wonderful ride. I wouldn't have been able to concentrate on the road if I was surrounded by scenery that beautiful!!

  4. Thanks all, yes it was a great ride, so good in fact I would do it again.

  5. Indeed a wonderful feat! And great photos, as well.

    Bet you were a little tired after 350 miles!


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