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Saturday, September 20, 2008

London by bike

This was a day out with our folding bikes.
We used the bus to London and the bikes fit into the luggage hold. Once there we headed for the Thames and followed the cycle route down to Greenwich, home of the Naval College and the meridian. From here there is a foot tunnel under the Thames and then on the other side of the river is a cycle route back into Central London.

Being a bit thirsty we called into The Prospect of Whitby pub in Wapping, now I hadn't been here for 40 years since I was a student, it hasn't changed at all. Still for a place built in 1520 you would hope not.

Once back into the city we had another beer in The Cheshire Cheese in Fleet Street but this place was relatively modern having been rebuilt in 1667 after the Fire of London. Both places were haunts of Samuel Pepys.

Then back to the bus station via Trafalgar Sq. and Buckingham Palace.

All in all a great day out, an experience of cycling in London and getting to so many places relatively quickly.

Have a look at all the photos here.


  1. I'm glad you kept the pics large - I use Piclens by Cooliris - it makes for fantastic viewing.
    Wonderful photos Dave. I think I might be a tad bit claustrophobic in that tunnel though :)

  2. The tunnel looks kind of cool to travel through, is it a very long tunnel? Is that a picture of the pub with the flower pots and one other thing who is that sporty young looking gent is that you?

    Sound like you have great cycling day.


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