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Saturday, March 07, 2009


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Mike is 78....going on 79!!
Certainly a role model in the club. He is no slouch either when he's cycling he makes a fast pace, and can keep it going for a days riding.
When he was 73 we cycled 1000 miles in 2 weeks. Lets hope I'm like him at that age.


  1. He is looking great ~~ Who would have thought - 79~~~

  2. It's neat to see someone in such great shape at that age!

  3. I hope he keeps it up even to 88! He looks to be in great shape too.

  4. No way, what an amazing endorsement for biking!

  5. No way, what an amazing endorsement for biking!

  6. Wow, he's amazing! We should all be so lucky to be in that great shape. Biking must certainly great for the body!

  7. He really looks much younger, Dave...what an inspiration. I have friends in their late sixties who still ride long distances. Each time, I am in total awe...as I am of you, riding as you do!


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