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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas Fair

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This is the Frankfurt Christmas Fair in Birmingham, now work that one out.
Well rather than travel over to the continent for the fairs, Birmingham decided to bring the fair to the people. Good idea really. Its genuine, does a roaring trade, especially in the evenings selling gluhwein and German beers.


  1. Don't go wild on the Glühwein! ;-) I love Christmas markets, I'm off to Germany for a weekend soon to do just that...
    Thanks for the comments, we were driving from Hirwaun to Pontypridd and stopped at the Rhondda Heritage Park (which was great). I wish at the time I had written everything down... I do believe I took that picture BEFORE the park tough.

  2. Oh what fun.... Christmas Fairs. I put my Christmas Decorations up this year BEFORE Thanksgiving. First time I've done that! The house look very bright and festive.

    Really enjoyed all the details in the pictures.

  3. What a great idea. It looks so charming!! I love the Christmas fairs. We have a few here, but I'm sure they are better in Europe. Love that little restaurant!

  4. These fairs are great! I wish I could transport myself over to Germany, my birth country, to take part in their Christmas festivities...they really do Christmas well.

    Hope you haven't had any flooding in your area...it's all over our news how bad things are with the flooding in the UK.


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