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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


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We bought this two weeks before Christmas. As it was cheap we thought that if it lost its leaves before the day then we could always get another. How wrong could we be, its still going strong. Its the longest lasting poinsettia we've ever had.


  1. I bought a white poinsettia before Christmas...it is still going strong. I have never had a poinsettia last so long, either...it looks as if it will still be around at Easter. Oh well, it is still a beauty, as is yours!

  2. Um...You must have that special touch and the same with Marion as well.

    I never had such luck with Poinsettias either.

    Beau Geste sounds interesting enough for me to do the hunt and search to see if I can find it online someplace.

    Now I am wondering if our Libraries here has that number 4 rule on their books.

  3. Let's see if you can keep it until Christmas!


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