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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Can you see my house from here?

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No....but its a good example of ribbon development, and we have plenty of those in the valleys.
This was taken on a cycle ride over Mynydd Eglwysilian.
The village you can see is Senghenydd which was the scene of the worst mining disaster in the UK.......... More here


  1. That's exactly what I love about South Wales. The lush green and then the valleys. Sigh...

  2. Wow...that mine disaster was terrible, indeed. And I noticed the pub on your ride! At least I think it's a pub...

    Such amazing green. I so miss that green...it's only green here for a few short weeks, and then it returns to its golden, wheaty colour. Nice, but not green...

  3. Such an idyllic scene - what a beautiful area.

  4. I thought for sure you were going to be in this picture someplace standing on your roof top waving at us!

    Interesting read about the mining accident that had happen, such a horrible thing to of happen there.

    We had a really bad mining accident happen not long ago here in USA, they lost the whole crew, I feel so sadden for those who had lost their love ones.


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