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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Valley Views

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A few more pictures taken on a bike ride, again on the hills over looking Pontypridd.  The countryside is moving into autumn earlier this year, as the leaves on some trees are already starting to change colour.  Apparently its all down to the warm and dry weather we had in April and May. 


  1. That countryside is magnificent! Both of those photos look like paintings. You are lucky to take rides through scenery like that.

  2. Ah these are lovely. Reminds me of the sight that greeted us coming down into the valley from Brecon via Hirwaun...

  3. Awesome photos of some pretty spectacular country!

    It's been turning cold overnight...it was -3C this morning. Autumn is here, for certain. I hope our leaves have a chance to turn colour, before there is a hard freeze..xx

  4. Gorgeous country. I love all that brilliant green.


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