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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The old canal

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This is part of the Merthyr to Cardiff canal, The Glamorganshire Canal, built in the late 1700's to carry iron ore and goods from Merthyr to  Cardiff.  Most of it has disappeared under roads or fallen into disrepair but parts have become nature reserves.  This section is outside Pontypridd and I came across it by accident when I was cycling and just wondered what was down this little track.  Lets hope it gets put to good use.

You never know whats around the corner !!!


  1. It's in a rather sorry state, it looks like Roman ruins...

  2. You hate to see something that in it's day was magnificent, in such ruins...but time does that to things and people....

    Leaving Friday for Oregon to see our daughter. She lives in a beautiful town on the coast and also a forest in her back yard. Lots of wildlife...Hope to get some good pictures.


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