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Friday, September 28, 2012

Taffs Well vintage?


I haven't tasted them yet as this is the only bunch.  I expect they will be very sharp and we have had very little sun to sweeten them up.

The hollyhocks did'nt come to much either.  But as all gardeners say...."there is always next year"
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  1. Yummy Grapes :)

    Sorry to hear your not having a good gardening year, while you are having the rain we are having the drought here, Gardening this year was also bad for us, not enough rain, and being limited to watering less and less for us which of course cause our veggies to dwindle away.

    It seems only the Peppers thrive the most seemed to of really enjoy this summer heat we had here and to think we are still not out of the woods yet here, we are to get more heat next week. Wondering how the squash will hold up now, they are starting to look really good right now.

  2. I think the grapes look wonderful, the colors and leaves...a painting in the making.

    My brother has a wonderful garden. We ate like Veggie Kings while I was there, and he sent some home with me...Yeah!!!

  3. I love the colours of this season

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