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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cardiff Bay

A beautiful sunny day for our ride from Tongwynlais over to Penarth and returning via the barrage.
As the yachts were coming into the marina, the locks were open and the road bridge raised. 
The bottom pic shows the Water Bus arriving in Penarth.


  1. Oh that is what that is...a raise bridge...and here I was about to bang my head against my wall trying to figure out what on earth that picture was. ha ha ha Pretty harbor and glad you also had a nice sunny blue day like we had here as well.

    When you get the chance check out my blog or your email. tee hee hee

  2. Blue! Perfect!

    I was surprised at the French All-Blacks test match score. I was expecting far worse! ;-)

  3. Oh what a lovely day, water boats and sunshine. We always want those or any one of those for fulfilling our dreams. How lucky you are.

  4. Water in many forms is a blessing. A cool drink from a fountain on a hot day, standing under a warm shower on a cold day..and all the lovely, lakes, oceans, streams and rivers. I guess you could say I love water!


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