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Friday, March 21, 2014

Llandovery to Trecastle along the Roman road.

This is tprobably part of the Roman road which went from Brecon to Carmarthen.  This part of the road leads up from Llandovery to the marching camp that was at Y Pigwn - the Beaks. 

The road is just about rideable if you're a good mountain biker, but for us it was a walk up the rougher sections.


Here's where the camp is marked on the map.  Its bleak up here but the views are stunning.
You can only image the soldiers walking this route in winter, dressed in their military outfits and sandals, it was cold enough with our clothing.

Views over to the Usk reservoir and the source of the river Usk.

Finally a tea  shop, which was closed!. 
This ride was part of a risk assessment for our weekend ride from Cardiff to Llandovery and then back to Cardiff in May.  The cafe will be open then, so the 15 of us who are riding will no doubt be grateful.


  1. What a rugged path. My goodness you are all warriors.

    And the tea house closed...OH NO!

    Beautiful pictures.. I take my hat off to you and the boys.

  2. "Llandovery" and "Trecastle:" Such lovely beckoning names for one's destination…
    Box Canyon Mark, from Ouray Colorado

  3. I pretty much limited my biking to paved trails. That's some pretty scenery.


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