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Friday, April 25, 2014

Neath to Llandovery

These phots have been a long time in the uploading, see the previous post.  
They were taken on a ride from two weeks ago and it was the final test ride of the route before we take the 15 cyclists on the ride on the 10 & 11 May

Llandovery town hall

The castle and knight.

Llandovery was on the drovers route and in a year about 30000 cattle would pass through on route to London from West Wales.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Blogger problems.

Just wondering if anyone else has problems uploading pictures from Picasa?  For some time now it hasn't worked for me. 
I have Picasa 3.9 and my operating system is Vista Home edition.  I have also tried uploading from my laptop which runs Windows 7 but again no luck.  I have also tried different browers, e.g. Explorer, Chrome and Opera. 

What do you use?

All ideas, suggestions gratefully accepted.


My solution:

First upload your photos from Picasa to Google +.  Then when you want to insert an image in the post Click  insert image icon and then select upload the images from Picasa web album on the left hand side.

I wonder if everyone else does it this way??