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Sunday, July 13, 2014

All the fun of the Fair

There were 11 on our ride today  and we ended up in the old Roman town of Caerleon.   What a beautiful day for it,  sun but not too hot, a nice 20 C with a slight breeze.  Looking for somewhere to have a cuppa and a sandwich we stumbled on the annual Fair and all our needs were more than met.  We even had some medieval music thrown in.
A great day out. 


  1. I think I'd have enjoyed that!

    I believe you missed my rugby sevens shots a couple of weeks ago. I had a ball!

  2. What fun. I love the wood sculptures. I googled Caerleon and see it has been around longer than I can imagine. We think a town is really old if it's from the 1700s. It must be cool to be surrounded by all that history.

  3. What a fun day, and to get your meal and music. Priceless.

  4. Summer is grand for all these fun activities and festivals


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