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Monday, September 28, 2015

Beaupre Castle

A great day for a bike ride, a beautiful sunny Autumn day with temps in the high teens the club rode into the Vale of Glamorgan  towards Cowbridge and called into Beaupre Castle on the way.

The castle is set back from the road and across some fields, but well worth a visit.  It's really a fortified manor house built in the 1500's  by the Bassett family but is now a ruin.  

After visiting the castle we rode into Cowbridge for tea etc  at the Quarter Penny Cafe before making our way home. 



  1. And they just let people run around loose? !? Looks like a really interesting place.

  2. I've stopped by before (from Rosy's place) but neglected to leave a comment. Anyway, what a beautiful area!

  3. Making me want to go off gallivanting again!

    Now of course this post begs the question: is that you in the second photo?

    (And didn't the Wallabies do so very well?!! :-))

  4. But they beat England. And that's good enough for me. :-)


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