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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Cardiff Velothon

Today was the the Cardiff Velothon 140K with 12000 plus riders taking part
 I just cycled from home to Caerphilly Mountain to watch the riders coming over the top of their final climb of the day.  All in all there was 1850 m of climbing on the ride.  
All the route roads were closed to traffic so it was a great opportunity to ride traffic free.
The riders came from all over, and judging by their jerseys many had traveled a way to participate.

I stood on the corner [see arrow] and the support for all was fantastic, with cow bells ringing, flags waving, and continuous shouts of encouragement.

Its a great money spinner for the city's hotels and restaurants. 

Even tandems.

The is the rear view of Claus, one of our club members.

For some this climb was just too much. 

For some the joy of making the climb was obvious.

Support vehicles were out in force.


  1. 140K, all in one day?!? That must really be quite a hill if some of those very fit people were walking it!

    1. Barbara, its the last climb of the ride, so they're tiring, and its about 16% at its steepest.

  2. Great event but too many hills! No wonder they were struggling at the big one.
    I watched a bit of the cycling in Edinburgh on TV the other day, pouring rain and cobbled streets!
    Only professionals could cope. I remember what those streets were like!
    Glad the sun shone for you.

    1. Its a very scenic route and although there are 2 very big climbs, the views are worth it. Although perhaps some would say not.

  3. Wow that's a lot of bikes, it has to be a great event to be part of! I have not been riding my bike as I had promised myself to do I do so much physical work around my homestead I have nothing left for fun!

    1. Sondra, about 9000 finished the course. I guess that because I have been cycling nearly all my life I find it relaxing to ride and it certainly reduces stress and gives you time to sort things out.

  4. Strewth, that sounds a punishing event with regard to the hills! Looks like a Cornish rider in the rear view photo of your chap Claus (on the left, white cross on black background).

    Cracking photos too!

  5. Thanks Mick, yes it does look like a Cornish rider. I'm amazed how far people come to ride it, hopefully it will grow and grow and become something similar to The Great North Run or the London Marathon in terms of people wanting to do it.

  6. PS I used my SLR for these shots.


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