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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Let sleeping pigs lie......

Saturday was booked for a special bike ride with the clubs oldest member, he's 86, and every year he has a birthday ride and the distance is one kilometer per year.  But the gods were against me this year.  We came back from a few days away in the van, and every time we go away I turn the water off, just as a precaution.  This time was no different and when we came home I turned the water back on as usual.  However after a few hours we noticed water dripping through the lounge ceiling, the toilet  above was leaking.  So after turning off the water, draining the toilet, phoning for a plumber to come out on Saturday, which meant no ride.

Were now waiting for the ceilings and walls to dry out to see if we can get away with just redecorating.

It could have been far worse if I hadn't turned the water off.

Anyway Sunday was a beautiful day so I went for a ride to Caerleon.   [see the route on the side panel]

This lovely lady was basking in the sun in her field by the cycle track, oblivious to all who passed.

The track runs alongside the Usk, which is always best seen when the tides in.

Cearleon is also famous for its Roman fort, Isca,  and its amphitheatre built around AD 90.

Web Picture.

Caerleon Amphitheatre 


  1. SO Glad you had that water off!! Do you have Kilz paint products there? It's a very good stain Blocker, and I've had good results with Bull's Eye primer and stain blocker...hope a simple repaint will be all you need. I love your ride maps what a great idea, don't know why I didnt see it before! I would like to get something like that for my blog...very cool Love Miss Piggy!

  2. Sondra, thanks for the tip. I don't think we have those products here but will look out for something similar. Strava is good for recording rides but there must be something similar for road trips, I'll have a search.

  3. Sorry that the gods were against you this year. And wow..that amphitheater is amazing!

  4. Optomistic, it is and the Museum of Roman remains is well worth a visit too.

  5. What a great tour you have taken us on today. Must have made you feel much better after the problems with the water.

  6. Great Roman remains! Good you got out.
    Sorry about the water problems, hope it works out OK.
    Spent 15 mins on the bike today, first time for ages, sun shone life was good.
    The weather has deteriorated since! Typical!

  7. Beautiful old time amphitheater, and so glad to hear you didn't leave the water on as well, Oh and that pig sure looks kick back and relaxed.

  8. It is a marvelous place Anita, all you need is your imagination and you're back 2000 years.


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