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Thursday, May 03, 2018

A new toy!

This all started with an email from Nectarcard asking me to confirm the settings for the  new Data Protection Act, and on further reading it said I had just over £47 worth of points.   I never realised that there was this much on the card.  Anyway I have been looking and thinking about a Go Pro type of camera for the bike but I couldn't really justify the cost .  So I settled for a much cheaper look alike the Go Extreme and getting it from Argos with my Nectarcard it was nearly a freebie.  

So on the bike it went and out to play.  Forget the date and time as in my rush I hadn't sorted that out.

Bearing in mind it was a sunny day,  the ones with the date stamp on were taken with the exposure at normal , 0.  The ones without the date stamp the exposure was +0.3.

Apart from the garden and flower shot the rest were taken on the bike travelling at between 10 and 15 mph.. 

 I just want it for stills and as it was nearly free I'm pleased with the results.  I need to play around with the exposure a bit more, and how it will perform in low light, rain etc we shall see.  It has its limitations but I think it will come in handy on rides as its waterproof and  I can just click the shutter whilst riding.