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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Waterfalls, Wikipedia, etc

Having not posted for a while and as the snow has started outside I thought I'd put something together. Because its not a common occurrence, generally the UK is hopeless at coping with snow, and we just grind to a halt. I expect as its Sunday it will lead to some panic buying in the supermarkets.


These waterfall pictures were taken on a ride to Porth 
and are on the bike trail going through a park.

Whilst I was in Porth I wandered around and found these old back of the houses lanes.

 You can see from the cobbles that they were designed probably in the 19th C for horse and cart traffic.  Guessing from the style of houses, I doubt if they would have been used much for deliveries, more probably for the night soil men to collect, before modern drainage was installed.  

The reason for the ride up to Porth was because the previous week I had been to a local history talk about the legendary runner Guto Nyth Bran and wanted to visit his birthplace [see flag].

I couldn't get to the house as the lane leading to it was a private road, and judging from the signage they didn't want people wandering up it.  Still there's another public road so I'll visit it another day.

I use Wikipedia a lot, both for the Blog and also general use, crosswords etc, and they annually ask for a contribution towards their running costs, which I donate to.  Apparently only a small proportion of users do so, and to loose this facility would be a great loss.

So hopefully I can encourage more users to donate a small amount.