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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Duffryn Gardens

Duffryn Gardens is just out of Cardiff on the A48 heading West.  Its a place where we used to go as a family but then it was Council owned and was used for Craft Fairs and theatre groups put on Summer shows.  It has now been passed to the National Trust and is gradually being restored, I suspect that the cost of this restoration was the main reason why it was given to the N T.

Like most NT places it has excellent tea rooms so its also a favourite stop off place when cycling.

Here's the link 

Its also used for educational purposes and the current theme was W W l.  in one of the rooms a WWl trench had been recreated. 

Here's the artists signature.

For some reason this was always a favourite when we brought the kids.

Bee's just love Aliums.

This border has been decorated with various Sempervivum.

Not one....but two.

 Its the scale of these Edwardian gardens that amaze me and the grandeur of the trees.   but this was how a lot of the people who lived in this style took their exercise, by having a stroll around the gardens and no doubt a word with the gardener if something was out of place.

Following the WWl theme they have created an allotment.

This reminded me of my allotment shed and having a cuppa when working on it.

The grand greenhouse is home to many plants, but when your wealth has come from coal heating these huge greenhouses wasn't an issue.

As always there is the fascination with orchids and there are a few varieties here.

 The Head Gardeners "office" 

No doubt the washing and stacking of these pots was a job for a trainee.