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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A fresh view.........

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A lot has happened since my last post, we have finally moved house. Its taken a couple of years but its happened, what a relief.....pheew. Its amazing how anyone gets to move house in the UK with our strange and haphazard system for conveyancing. Nothing is certain until the last minute, so no wonder its very stressful, and I hate dealing with this type of uncertainty, particularly when its your home is at stake.
Its a complete change of house, from a largeish old one, to a smaller new one, so I am looking forward to the much lower running costs. Its 30 years since we last moved, so you can imagine the amount of stuff that was accumulated, and even though over the last couple of years we have been gradually getting rid of it, its still far too much. Thankfully there's the garage.
The new place, Taffs Well, is only 7 miles from where we lived before, but more rural with a village feel about it. Its alongside the river Taff and the Well bit is because there used to be a hot spring here, and has been used since Roman times, but I've not found that particular watering hole yet.
This is the view from the window when I'm on the computer, its the Garth mountain.
Anyway, back to the cardboard boxes and all the unpacking.