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Wednesday, May 30, 2018


We left for Scotland on the 8th May despite the vans oil change warning lights flashing and telling me it needed a service which according to me it wasn't due for one but according to the engine computer it was.

This was more or less our route, about 1500 miles.

We stopped off in Lancaster for a night  to break the journey, after a horrible trip along the M5 & M6  which were full of roadworks. After Lancaster we moved on to  just outside Glasgow for 2 nights to have a look around the City. Its a big sprawling city and as we were only there for a day the best way to see it all was on the Hop on Hop off Tourist bus.  These are really good if you just want a flavour of the place, and as the name implies you can stop off wherever you like.  This was the day where I forgot my camera and didn't even use my phone camera.  There are always interesting places in any city and Glasgow does have some interesting architecture but its very similar to many.

After Glasgow went to Loch Lomond for 3 days.  It rained on the first day and that after that we had no rain for the rest of the trip, just amazing weather. Its 20 odd miles long and the largest inland water in the UK.

From here we had a fantastic  scenic drive to Fort William and Ben Nevis.  The campsite was in Glen Nevis surrounded by the Ben Nevis range and was definitely the best site on the trip.

Still snow on the peaks and not just Ben Nevis.

It was a couple of miles walk from the campsite into Fort William and a good route through Glen Nevis.

I'll leave it for now in case of "overload" and do another post later.

Thursday, May 03, 2018

A new toy!

This all started with an email from Nectarcard asking me to confirm the settings for the  new Data Protection Act, and on further reading it said I had just over £47 worth of points.   I never realised that there was this much on the card.  Anyway I have been looking and thinking about a Go Pro type of camera for the bike but I couldn't really justify the cost .  So I settled for a much cheaper look alike the Go Extreme and getting it from Argos with my Nectarcard it was nearly a freebie.  

So on the bike it went and out to play.  Forget the date and time as in my rush I hadn't sorted that out.

Bearing in mind it was a sunny day,  the ones with the date stamp on were taken with the exposure at normal , 0.  The ones without the date stamp the exposure was +0.3.

Apart from the garden and flower shot the rest were taken on the bike travelling at between 10 and 15 mph.. 

 I just want it for stills and as it was nearly free I'm pleased with the results.  I need to play around with the exposure a bit more, and how it will perform in low light, rain etc we shall see.  It has its limitations but I think it will come in handy on rides as its waterproof and  I can just click the shutter whilst riding.