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Friday, August 18, 2017


A few weeks ago we went up to Derbyshire and stayed on a site which is part of the Chatsworth estate.  Campers even had their own key to a door that lead into the park.  Some parts of the house is covered in scaffold, which is part of a £37 million renovation.!!!

The river Derwent flows through the estate.

Its the most opulent stately home that we have visited even the window frames are gilded.

The Duke of Devonshire and 

The interior is used for exhibitions, this one is Damien Hirsts St Bartholomew.
No flash is allowed inside the house, so not great pictures.

On the day we visited, the house was the stopping place for the 1000 mile rally of the vintage cars, and many of them were Bentleys.  I couldn't even guess as to the value of all these cars.

The grounds and gardens are well worth the walk, even in the rain.   There was even an underground railway to take the coal into the house!   

These next pictures are of the "Rockery"  How much labour was required to construct this ??

Monday, August 07, 2017

A ride to Ponty

I needed to go to Pontypridd [Ponty] for a few things, so rather than ride the direct route I took a scenic one, hung the camera around my neck and clicked away as I rode.  So the picture quality is not brilliant, and I'll just add a few captions to the pictures.

The trail passes  the rugby field on what was the old railway line from Cardiff to Treforest

I wonder who this is posted over the cycling sign, maybe someone from the rugby club having a joke!!

The trail rejoins the road through an industrial estate,  which being a Sunday afternoon is very quiet.

Even the main roads are quiet,

and then back onto some lanes which gradually climb, giving some good views of the old works and parts of Pontypridd.

From the signpost above to this pub is a gradual climb of nearly 2 miles, so the slow sign is very apt.

Good views from the top, and they can always find space for a playing field in the valleys!

Into Ponty and across the river Taf, into the park where there was a fete going on.

Then its trail, again an old railway line, all the way back home

 Taffs Well is more or less in the middle of this picture but on the valley floor.