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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Spring is sprung

Spring is sprung
the grass has ris
I wonder where
de boidies is?

This silly poem always makes me smile,  and the clocks go forward tonight so summer is officially here!

That means cutting the lawn, some hate it but I dont mind.

These pictures were taken on my phone, so not too well focused.

The berberis is nearly in full flower and the bees love it. 
Bill who lives across the roads keeps bees and sells honey, so just maybe his bees have visited and I've eaten the nectar.  [When I initially wrote this bit do you think I could remember the name berberis, no way, the old grey cells are gradually going!!!]

This Rowan was kept in a large tub for many years but has a new lease of life here, nearly in leaf too.

The Pieris likes it here.

I dug  these speedwell up from the edge of a car park a few years ago, if you dont keep them in check they're everywhere.

Poor camellia, it struggles where it is and if there's no improvement by next year I'll move it.

The Avocado.

Sondra asked how this was  doing  and it was a timely reminder to root prune and re pot it, which I've done today.  The plant was pot bound with roots and as I want to keep it roughly this size, I cut away the outer roots cleaned the compost off the remaining roots and then trimmed them a bit to form a root ball and re potted it with fresh compost.  We'll see how it fares.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Forest Farm Nature Reseve

Some of the regulars.

There are a few Kingfishers around the canal and ponds and this shot was taken from the hide.  I cropped it but really you need a long telephoto for the good shots.

There are photographers in the hides who spend hours photographing the Kingfishers trying for the perfect shot.  One of them was saying that he wants one of the Kingfisher just about to go into the water and then emerging with a fish.

Wood Pigeon

Chaffinch - male

Blackbird - female 

Mallard - drake


Plenty of standing water and also the old Glamorgan canal and its feeders.

The cycle path goes around the reserve and its well lit.

The water turbine is a a new development and provides enough renewable energy to cater for 550 homes.  With all the water we have in Wales I wonder why haven't more of these been built.  However according to a Council friend they are monitoring this one before building more. 

They included a fish ladder.

and the train passengers get a good view too.

This little guy, a Pied Wagtail, is a regular visitor at home and has become very tame.  He will hover outside the window and then wait close to you when you put meal worms down.  With all the cats around I dont want him to become too complacent.