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Thursday, December 31, 2015

The last ride of 2015

The weather forecast was fine up to about 1, so it was a 10 o'clock start which meant me leaving at 9.30 to meet up.  Like many others I've had the dreaded cold /chest infection over Christmas and this was a test to see how things were. The group went on much further but I left them when we got to the Bay area and made my way home along the Taf Trail.  It was really good to be out but my chest was still tight, so I didnt push it, and made it home before the rain.

The sun was out and so were the daffodils in full flower, this is about the earliest I've seen them.  This puts them about 2 months ahead of schedule.

Crossing the Bay bridge.

The Cardiff Bay Barrage which has helped to prevent flooding in Cardiff. 

Passing the Millenium Stadium.

The trail back to Taffs Well.

Llandaf Weir

The route although a mainly urban ride of 21 miles,  the bits on the Taf Trail break it up.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Cardiff Arcades and a Merry Christmas

A good use for old library books.

 The Victorians and Edwardians loved their arcades and Cardiff is blessed with quite a few.  Its a tried and tested theme thats carried on into the newer shopping developments, putting Cardiff high on list of shopping areas in the UK.
With all the rain we've had recently at least you can shop/browse in the dry.

Have a happy Christmas and enjoy the festive break.