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Saturday, September 09, 2017


This was originally a medieval house set in the Towy Valley between Llandeilo and Carmarthen. It was in the same family for 10 generations before falling into disrepair.  Over the years parts of the  estate  were sold off and the house is now owned by a Trust who are gradually restoring it but the gardens have been recreated and are open to the public.  More here.

Some say that there was a monastery here in the past and the walls that are left would suggest so.

The restoration of the gardens has been featured on TV and for many years we have had it on the must goto list and this summers we made it.

Well worth a visit.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

The Bwlch ride

The Bwlch mountain is always a favourite ride as its very similar to an alpine type road climb.  Its long about 5 km and a few hairpins with and average gradient of about 7 or 8%.

When the weather is right the views are stunning and these next 3 pictures were taken while riding.

Dave in red, talks with his hands which when riding a bike is not good, and this time he lost concentration and took a tumble.  So here he is getting some first aid.

A couple of views from the top, with the inevitable sheep.

These sheep being, Welsh Valleys sheep, will eat virtually anything and I've seen tourists giving them a ham sandwich , which soon disappeared.

The ride down the other side of the Bwlch is a really fast descent so no hand held pictures of that, but soon we were on a cycle path which was once an old railway line. 

It was late afternoon when we stopped for a bite and what started out as just a slice of pie ended up being a full sized meal as the cafe owner off loaded the remains of his lunch menu on us rather than waste it.  Luckily there were no long hard climbs afterwards.

Another good day out on the bike.

The full route "Bwlch reccy ride"  is on the Strava panel.