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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Hi there

Things are beginning to settle down and I'm doing ok,  getting out more and taking short walks.  What's more of a hindrance is that as a result of the operation I have a hernia.  They told me that it would happen that it will be "tidied up" on the final op, but I didn't anticipate just how restrictive it would be. 

A wander around the garden, and my phone takes better close ups than my camera.


The apples are nearly ready and its a race as to who gets them first, the weevils or us.  At the moment its about even

What looks ok from the outside is different when you cut it open.

With plenty of time for reading I have just finished this book.  Its an edited extract of diary entries written for the Mass Observation project and covers the years 1945 to 1948.  These diaries were kept by ordinary folk and the book has focused on 5 people throughout  those years.  I found it fascinating to read what people thought about events at the time  and also how they lived. 

There's more about the Mass Observation project here