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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Boardman - Bottom Bracket replacement


These are renowned for their lack of durability especially when compared to the old square tapered ones.

I looked back over my Strava records and I reckon I have done roughly 1000 miles on the bike since I bought  it in October 2019.  The person I bought it off had already changed the BB so if that was a fairly new replacement, then the total mileage on it  may only be around 1500 at a guess.

There are so many different types of BB used on bikes and  I had trouble in finding a better option quickly so I bought like for like.   A good source of BB information is  here.

The crank spindle is 30mm diameter and the BB shell is 68mm wide with an internal diameter of 46mm, so a better replacement will be the Rotor PF 4630, but these are out of stock at the moment.

Once the crank is removed then getting the BB out can be a problem with push fits as they require special tools, but there is always YouTube.  Watching a video on  there, where he made a removing tool gave me an idea.  The tool he made was basically this one.

I bought this to remove head tube cups on another bike and as luck would have it I was able to use it on the BB.

A couple of taps with the rubber mallet and they were out.

Keep a note of the order they were fitted.

Replacing the new BB , its marked which side goes where.

This tool I made to clamp the head set cups in place and its ideal for this job too, cheap and all the bits from a hardware store.

All back together and only a slight adjustment to the front mech was needed.

How long will it last, we'll see.