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Friday, June 08, 2018

A Vale pootle.

Having been away I've not done much cycling in the last month so with the good weather it's time to get back into it again.  If I've been off the bike for a while I like to have a few rides by myself first before I go out with the group, just to get myself back up to being confident that I can keep up.

Also riding alone gives me the opportunity to stop and take some photos.

The vale of Glamorgan has many small villages  and some interesting houses.  This one in St Georges,  and looks as if its Elizabethan in style but has been renovated over the years.

Its church dates from the same period.

This farmhouse  is built in the Welsh longhouse style.

Meadows with wild flowers in are becoming rarer.

Now this goes back 6000 plus years and goes to show how long the Vale has been inhabited.  This burial chamber was originally covered by a huge mound of earth and was a communal burial place.  Its aligned so that the entrance faces the rising sun.

These youngsters were very friendly.

Leaving the Vale  you come into the Cardiff Bay area and although its a huge development they have included many  cycle paths.

At the moment the Bay is host to the Volvo Ocean race 
But they were way out in the Bristol Channel when I passed through.

Its always good to have a cuppa !!