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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Time to get a new one......

..........a saddle that is.

In 60 plus years of cycling I've never had a saddle sore, until recently.  Initially I put it down to different cycle shorts, maybe the saddle had been knocked slightly out of position, perhaps my legs had got shorter with age.  None of these so I tried another Brooks saddle from my other bike and it was much better.  So time to get a replacement.

The old one on the top was maybe 15 years old and was well worn into my shape and was so comfortable it was like sitting in a favorite chair.  The leather had stretched so much that I needed a longer tension bolt at the front.

I bought the new Saddle from Chain Reaction who had a good deal going and it was delivered by Yodel, well not exactly as I ended up going to the depot to collect it.  Yodel dont have a good reputation but the people in the depot were very pleasant and helpful......maybe to make up for the delivery drivers??

I put the two saddles on the workbench initially to proof the new one but also compare, the new B17 is 1cm wider so maybe the old one was a narrow B17.  

The hammock?

After fitting it I went for a little ride as I knew there would be some adjustments needed and as the old saddle was more of a hammock I had to lower the seat post to take into account the height of the new saddle. 
It'll take a while to break in but thats the joy of a Brooks saddle.