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Thursday, March 08, 2007


Guess who I'm going to see tonight?

Yes, after all these years, Joan still has her beautiful voice, and as she said “I can’t believe that I’m still doing this and you're still out there”. She started out with the haunting Farewell Angelina and sang many of her classic songs.

It’s refreshing see her still performing, entertaining, and not taking herself to seriously as she made a few jokes about the style and content of some of her songs. She also did a good impersonation of Bob when she sang with” God on my side”. When you go and see someone who you have admired and listened to since you were 18 you want them to perform the classic, well remembered songs, not the newer ones. Joan obliged us all and even sang the “Green Green Grass of Home”.

I guess the average age of the audience would have been somewhere about 50 to 60, children of the 60's but now fairly affluent and middle class.

Only her and two backing guitarists were on stage but in a packed 2000 seat concert hall they managed to create the intimacy of a small club. She wears her years well and is very smartly dressed, sophisticated performer.

A night to remember.


  1. Does she still have that voice like an angels?

  2. Dave, what a great experience, I'm jealous!

  3. A splendid review, DaveM.

    And thanks for the finishing lyrics to Twilite Time.

  4. What a lovely experience. She looks great.

  5. It's late Tuesday but I thought I'd drop in to say hello before I head for bed.

  6. Hello Dave,
    My, reading this post turns back the pages, what a night that must have been and doesn't she look good!

  7. Wow...what a night! It would have brought back so many memories for me. I absolutely revered her in my youth, have kept up with her throughout.

    what a lucky guy you are! It was a great review of your evening...I could immediately feel your nostalgia. Lovely!

  8. I didn't even knew she was still around yet!

  9. Are you still hearing her music in your ears after all these days?

    I'm looking forward to getting your review of The Widow of the South.

  10. So many years gone by from the "war song" days. Her ballads were always so special. I'm glad you were not disappointed - it sounds like it was a magical evening.


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