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Monday, March 05, 2007

Old Cardiff

Some of the old buildings in the dock area at the bottom of Bute Street.

Bute Street was famous in the hey day of the docks when the area was known as Tiger Bay. Today the Bute St. area has been redeveloped and is mainly a Muslim area catering for the local Somali community. This community dates back to the days when shipping was the major employer and ship owners crewed their ships with mainly Somali seamen.


  1. Dock areas are full of people from around the world. It sounds like some of your earlier visitors liked it so much there that they stayed on. I wonder if I'd stay once I stepped ashore. Seems quite possible to me.

  2. I love the shot of the old buildings done in black and white like this, with the shadows.

    Those are the kinds of buildings that could tell many stories of days gone by!

  3. I love the first shot...is the second shot that same street now?

    Thanks for the comment on my blog!

  4. Annie, Lots of people come to Cardiff and stay. Many students stay on after university.[ despite the rains]

    Marion, The shot of the old building was one I took in 1972, using B & W film. They were built in the days when Cardiff was one of the largest exporting ports for coal.

    Sarah, This is a mosque in the area. I didnt take it, borrowed it from the web.

  5. Dave, in answer to your question on my post today, with the bridge and the school and the library, the school for public service was opened at the same time as the library - it's a part of the University of Arkansas systme and is the only school in the states to offer a masters in public service.

    How funny that you bought Bridges to Madison County to read about the bridges. I'll bet you were disappointed. That love story seemed a bit of pap to me even though it garnered lots of press and attention from many.

  6. How different looking from the docks we used to visit in San Francisco and New York. I think its so interesting to track how the demographics in areas of a city change.

  7. Dave, I do think you live in one of the most photogenic areas! I'm so glad you share all these pictures. I especially love the old buildings.

  8. Love the photos Dave, especially the black & white, reflects age almost like a pen and ink etching.

    Must admit I've become a great fan of Wales, so many interesting buldings and beautiful places. Really enjoyed my trip, maybe I'll make it to Cardiff one of these days. You are so lucky to live there.


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