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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Blaenavon 2

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I've scanned the bottom picture from the guide book so you have an idea of what it looked like.

CO2 emissions didn't enter into the equation!


  1. I absolutely love these pictures. I was thinking today about your title "Everyone likes pictures" that is so true...we do. :)

  2. The second one looks a little scary when you enlarge it. Excellent photos Dave.

  3. I like at how the backdrop shows the new modern look with this old structure (musuem) in the front, gives this photo a speical touch to it.

    I am also amazed at how tall that tower or thingy is, not sure what it is really, the middle picture.

  4. Looks as if this was indeed a great day out! I was fascinated by the story behind Blaenavon; the amount of detail in the brickwork is awesome.

    When I first saw the photo of the Tower...it did remind me of the Tarot Card of the same name.


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