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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tithe Barn Lacock

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This is in the village of Lacock
Some Harry Potter clips were filmed here. I'll show you those later.


  1. What a remarkable blog! I'm so delighted you visited my blog so that I could discover yours. Such beauty! I'm definitely going to be here a while adventuring...as soon as I finish typing this, I will be subscribing.

  2. How interesting! I love that you showed us the informational signs too. We can learn so much on your blog. (I love the photo of Miss Matilda Talbot with the Scout troop, though I couldn't quite tell what they were doing in that picture.) The barn is beautiful.

  3. That had to be the owlery in Harry Potter. I love old barns. Wish I could read the info. below in the pictures below....

  4. This is wonderful... Thanks for the informational sign.

    As Lori said, we are always learning from your blog.

    The top picture is extraordinary.

  5. What a neat barn though short on windows :) I love being able to see points of interest from blogs like yours that give us information and photos of places we might never get to see.

  6. Oh, I love old barns! I have difficulty not stopping when I travel and see old barns beside the highway. I have sooo many photos of them. Barns have incredible history, as your photos show so well!


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