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Friday, October 31, 2008

Alms houses - Sherborne

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If I didn't win the lottery, or I come across hard times maybe I would be lucky enough to end up here.


  1. That still looks like a pretty fetching place to me - unlike the broken-down shacks that some live in here. It's wonderful that these places exist providing a much needed service to a community.

  2. They are still in operation, the almshouses? This one looks really nice. What a beautiful building. I'll have to read about it again.

  3. Wow that is fancy...but what is it like inside such a place...we have what we called our Nursing homes for those who needs that little extra care, we also have what is called Assisted Living which are basically similar to your Almshouses...and then we have Board and Cares, and Homeless shelters.

    This is a very beautiful building.


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