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Monday, October 13, 2008

Panarth Head

This is a view taken from the barrage looking towards Penarth Head and the church.

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Penarth Head with St Augustine's Church on its summit has long been an important landmark, and I am told the Admiralty has paid for the tower to be repaired so it would remain in existence.[Gordon Smith, Naval-History.net]

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  1. It must provide an amazing view from the top! I wonder what the pink structure is in the photo?

  2. I agree with Lorie that there must be a great view from the top.

    What are those post's for that is in the water?

  3. The pink structure is a watch tower on the harbour entrance.
    The posts are to keep the boats entering the port of Cardiff away from the barrage. They can only do this on high tides, and there are very few boats using Cardiff now, In complete contrast to the 1900's when it was one of the busiest ports in the world due to exporting coal.

  4. A beautiful picture... and you answered my questions with Lori and Rosy.....


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