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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Post War Britain

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These pictures are from "Our Hidden Lives" by Simon Garfield.
The book is made up of excerpts from peoples diaries of post war Britain. The diaries were started as a result of a programme called Mass Observation, where volunteers were invited to keep journals which would give sociologists an insight into the thoughts, feelings and experiences of the lives of everyday people. Over a thousand people took part and the entries cover the period 3 June 1946 to 7 July 1948.
I find it interesting because as I was born in 1948, my parents probably had similar experiences, thoughts, and emotions as the diarists did.


  1. I've made a note of the title of the book...it sure sounds like an interesting read.

    The timeline is close to when I was born (1951) and so even if it is post war Britain, I feel it would be an insight into my parents as well. A bit, anyway, since I was born in Germany...the other side, lol.

  2. This does sound like a good read.

    I was born in 1941 Dave..so this is my childhood time frame.

  3. If they had had the internet, they could have just blogged! The book does sound interesting, as are the pictures.

  4. The book sounds interesting, I wonder if it will be easy to see it here in USA.

    That is a cool looking bicycle though.

  5. I've read some of this & it's so interesting. I lived through it!!


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