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Thursday, November 11, 2010

As it was

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Copied from the Bush collection.
This is just down from where we live. The bus stop is roughly where the telegraph pole is in the picture.


  1. How neat to find these old photos. I'll bet your neighbourhood is a lot different now.

    I also read your last post...isn't it wonderful that your part of the world has moved beyond that pollution. It looks very crisp and clean, from your photos!

  2. 1909, the year my gran was born. Peace before all hell broke loose. Were there any collieries nearby?

  3. Ceil, the nearest colliery was in Nantgarw about 2 miles away. All the railways from the collieries ended up in Barry Docks, which held the record for exporting the most coal in the UK. All the disused railway lines have been turned into cycled tracks, but there are places where you can see reminders of the past. I'll take a picture of this spot as it is now to show you.


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