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Friday, November 05, 2010

Caerphilly castle

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These were taken on  a stroll around the castle moat.  I think its one of the largest castles in the UK.  

The leaning tower was damaged by Cromwells army during the Civil War and angle of lean is more than that of the Tower of Pisa. 

The pictures were taken on my phone.


  1. I think Caerphilly is the only castle I didn't visit or at least go near. The cheese, however... :-)

  2. Hi Dave, thanks for stopping by... It would be fun to share a piece of your banana bread and a cup of tea.

    It would be interesting to live close to castles, now any in California like those lovely pictures.

    Maybe someday I will have a chance to visit one.

  3. Your phone takes very good photos! Once again, I wish I lived close to a castle or two...especially one that has the same name as a favourite cheese. Is this truly where Caerphilly cheese comes from?


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