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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring flowers in the garden [3]

Here's my third go at posting this!!! By the time it gets out the flowers will have faded.  I usually upload direct from Picasa but for some reason the last 2 posts have had the dreaded box with a red cross in it.  So fingers crossed for third time lucky;
From the top;


  1. I can't believe your wisteria is already blooming. I wonder where Spring is where I live...we had a foot of snow overnight and we'll be shovelling again today. And it is so cold! Yesterday, before it snowed, though, I was able to find the tips of some tulips...there's hope! heh!

  2. Hi Dave,
    No, I wasn't familiar with Annie. I did a google search and found her old blog ad it looks like her last post was in 2008. I might try to get in touch with her!

    These are very pretty flowers, by the way!

  3. They are lovely! Such nice signs of spring!


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