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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Little drummer boy

A friend emailed me this link and I think its amazing.  His name is Howard and he's 4 years old.  Watch his face when towards the end he spots his parents in the audience.


  1. Oh my GOSH!! I had tears in my eyes, Dave, you and this little guy have made my day. What an incredible child!!

    Thanks for posting it, I have shared the video on facebook. Everyone should know about him!

    Hope you are well and getting set for Christmas. xx

  2. What an adorable and amazingly talented child! Thanks for sharing this. I loved it!

  3. "Wow" This little guy is great! And to think that he didn't even pause for one split second and kept right along with the beat of the music!

    Thank you for sharing this little drummer here which brought smiles to me even. :)

  4. My Photo Blog is back up and running again.


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