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Monday, November 19, 2012

Garden Birds

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These are certainly not the best bird shots you have seen as they were taken through the bedroom window.  But for me they are great, as I have been trying for three years to entice birds into the garden and at long last they are beginning to come.  I've had the larger birds like
jackdaws, magpies, pigeons and doves but no smaller species, that is until this week.  So I'm very pleased and looking forward to seeing more over the winter months.


  1. Dave, I love your birds. You were patient and got lovely shots.

    I have doves, sparrows, house finches and humming birds in my back yard, and enjoy all of them.

  2. How lovely to see these birds from your window

  3. Those are great shots. I guess now you have to get a bird book!


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