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Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Dormouse bridge

When they constructed this new road and cyclepath there were dormice in the area, so these bridges were built to give them freedom of movement.  As dormice live in trees as opposed to on the ground, their routes have to stretch between trees instead of along underpasses used by, for example, hedgehogs and badgers. Dormice are a protected species.

Cyclists, whilst we may think of ourselves as precious, we are not a protected species, but some very nice paths and bridges have been created for us too.  This one goes from Talbot Green to Tonyrefail.

In many areas they have managed to put to very good recreational use land that was used by heavy industry.  This was the site of the Coed Ely colliery now a calm and tranquil place compared to what it was.

Coed Ely Colliery
[Picture from the web]

I suppose it must seem odd to some how close together the houses were built, and often in some unusual places.  Maybe the term, a close knit community best describes it.

The top of a flat mountain was just the place for a housing estate.!


  1. It's amazing how a totally industrial landscape becomes... well, a natural one...

  2. If ever I get to your side of the world, Dave......will you be my tour guide.

    Love scrolling up and down and enjoying your tour.

  3. that is amazing that mice are protected.

    Just to let you know I now have 2nd blog you can find the link from my first blog where I post each wednesday at.


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