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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Autumn fruits

Out on a wander the other day I spotted these, but I only had my phone camera on me.  What was also noticable was the number of birds all feeding up after their summer moult for either the winter here or the long flight to warmer climes.

Let me know if I have identified them wrongly.



Guelder Rose Berries







Garden rose

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  1. We have wild Elder Berries in Oregan, as well as in Washington State and on up into the farthest parts of Northern Calif, also Wild Blackberries seems to grow everywhere out in Washington state as well as Virgina State, always thought they were native to us here, perhaps not being many many many years ago so many different kinds of plant seeds were brought over from across the ocean when whites, and then the Spanish as well as Asian had first settle here in the USA.

    My 2nd oldest brother who lives in Washington State sure can make some very yummy mouth watering Blackberry pies.


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