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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

A trip to the coast

A break in the clouds and an afternoon ride to Penarth Head overlooking Cardiff Bay.  Whilst the rain held off and the sun shone the wind was up and blowing from the north west so the ride there took me longer than I thought.

I had taken some shots of the Bay before just using my phone but this time I thought I would take the SLR and a tripod and compare the results.

This is Blackweir on the way to the Bay area.

This shot was stitched using Photoshop and was really what I wanted to compare with my phone shot on the Blog header.   Although it was a beautiful sunny day the 5 mp phone camera is fine. 

This was taken with the 50 mm lens using a tripod.

Its quiet a hassle taking the large camera and tripod, then setting it up, makes me wonder if its worth the effort. 


  1. Hi Dave, that North Westerly was a bit of a beggar wasn't it!

    I lug my DSLR and tripod around with me on nearly every ride, mostly in a rucksack,and a lot of the time either or both will go unused, but I still carry them 'just in case'. I do take a few ride past shots though, so the tripod is used a fair bit. A lot of people use handlebar bags for DSLRs, and I'd have no worries putting my old Olympus 35mm SLR in one, but my DSLR, being a consumer model, I'm not so sure about all the vibration it might cop. Certainly handily placed though. Tricky isn't it! Leave the big camera at home and just watch the photo opportunities pile up next time you're out! Mind you, phones produce superb photos these days so it's not such a big deal really.

  2. You don't need a tripod. Not even for a panorama, shooting hand held with the 50mm should be very easy. and it's a nice view.

  3. Years ago I bought a small folding tripod (which almost got me arrested at airport while flying to Israel as they thought it a weapon!) ideal for carrying around. The panorama shot when enlarged is excellent.

  4. Yup most certainly need a tripod myself. Like how the middle photo a lot, would look great for your blog header.

  5. That would make a cool banner. I need to remember to stop by more - i enjoy your pics.

  6. Mick, its usually the case that if you haven't got it with you then you'll need it.

    Stefan, Thank you, I used the tripod just to give me a constant height but maybe with stiching the pictures together thats not so important.

    Fritz and Sandy, I will use that shot for a banner


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