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Friday, February 19, 2016

Taffs Well to Porth

This is one of my favourite solo rides, and just right for when you want to go for a ride but cant be bothered to think of a new route.
There's a variety of scenery and places to stop off if you want to. 

The embanked river Taf flowing through Treforest with Taffs Well behind the trees in the distance.

The old Grammar School in Treforest.  I would guess that in 1875 in this industrial area not many children were able to attend this school.
But Treforest  did produce a world wide name....Tom Jones.... who was born here.

Pontypridd station. 
Because of the nature of the landscape and the need to accommodate both passenger and coal trains passing through, Pontypridd had the longest island platform in the world.  

On this ride not only do you get the Taf river but also the Rhonnda Fawr river which joins the Taf at Pontypridd. 

There are none of these working now and these are part of the Rhondda Heritage Museum. 

Finally a view from the trail looking down the valley towards the Tongwynlais gap.  

Here's the route.


  1. That looks like a sweet ride along the water and some history along the way...my X was big Tom Jones fan so we saw him in concert...he had on what I describe as wedge shoes to make him appear taller...enjoyed his show he worked very hard and sang his heart out, and yes some out of control dames tossed their undies on stage...;0 WE hoped it was a spare pair they brought just for the occasion.

  2. That does look like a great ride. And at 32 kilometers, it would only take me 2 days

  3. Interesting stuff! It's always very rewarding to take notice of what is around when out on a bike ride and understand its history or use or whatever. It's all too easy to rush past these things without really noticing them, and so much is also being lost to modern development and also mass production practices obliterating regional variations in commonly found items and so on. Observing these things, and learning more about them to 'colour in' a ride soon becomes addictive I've found.

  4. I love the old school sign.
    Looking up is a good idea as many such wee signs can be seen above modern plastic fronts.
    Nice day out.

  5. Hi Dave,

    For some reason your comments aren't showing up on my blog, although I got an email saying you had posted, so I've come here to thank you for your kind words - much appreciated! Hope you've been able to make the most of the good weather we've had lately too!

    Thanks again, best wishes



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