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Monday, February 22, 2016

Vale of Glamorgan

One of our club members is a very good local historian and on Sunday he led us on a ride around the Vale taking in places that he had selected.

This ride had already been postponed once because of bad weather and although Sunday wasn't the best of days we decided to brave the wind and rain.

Here's the route.

Llansannor Court.
Built in the 1500's and is a good example of an Elizabethan country house, and still occupied.

Llansannor church and Jackie standing alongside one of her ancestors.

Dr Salmons wells.
These are originally from the 13th Century and in the late 1800's Dr Salmon a local benefactor restored them as a clean water supply for the village.

Part of the restoration included a baptismal area, so presumably they were Baptists.

This is St Canna's church Llangan famous for its Celtic Crosses. 

Ewenny Priory

Turner liked it enough to paint it.

Spot the monk peering at you.

Nash Manor
Howell Carne was at Nash in the 1430s, and the family continued to inhabit the site for another 400 years. A deer park existed by the 1530s. John Carne carried out planting and erected some garden buildings in the mid- to late-18th century.

These pictures are of what was once the woollen mill.  The mill would have been water driven and the wool coming from the sheep farms in the Vale

So despite the weather it was a good day out.


  1. It is great to combine your ride through a historic area and stop to see and learn about it...the dates mentioned so much older than our history here.

    1. You have a lot of early indigenous history its just that many books start US history from 1492 and Columbus and then from about 1600 onwards.

  2. Super tour there!
    Fancy gravestones, old buildings, all good.
    Shame about the rain.

  3. Interesting stuff indeed! A fair old ride around too, but dodgy weather just makes the 'getting home and putting your feet up with a steaming coffee after a hot shower' after glow all the better!

  4. Those wells are amazing and so are all the photos. What history abides there!

  5. I think I'd have loved all of these places.

    (I didn't see any of the matches this weekend and was told that I didn't miss much re. Wales-France... and yes, unfortunately, England is going for it...)

  6. Thanks for the pictures of your area and the history. I commend you for going in spite of the weather. Our bikes no longer have fenders, so if it's raining, we don't go.

  7. I loved the Revenant. I much prefer that kind of violence to most of the crap we're usually fed these days... The landscapes are gorgeous and the acting is fab. And the bear scene isn't all too horrid to watch, didn't make me flinch!

    1. On your recommendation I shall go and see it.

    2. Blimey, I hope you don't hate it then... :-)

  8. So... didn't watch any matches today, too busy taking pics -first Saturday of sunshine in ages. So close, so close, so sad...
    Did you see the Revenant?

    1. Yes beautiful day here too, very springlike.
      The Revenant seems to have moved on from the local cinemas, but I will track it down. Wales were poor for the first hour, and I think England were just hungrier as its 13 years since they have won the championship. There's a lot resting on France for today's game.


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